How To Take Care Of Woollen Clothes

How To Take Care Of Woollen Clothes

Winter is right around the corner and it is time to dig out your woollen clothes from your wardrobe. But before you do anything about them, read through this. The best thing about woollens is that, when taken good care of, they can be used for a very long period of time. Here are few basic but important notes on how to handle woollens before, during and after you use them in winter season.


  • Clean Stains 

If you happen to drop anything on your woollens, get rid of it as soon as possible. Use a good liquid stain-remover such as Vanish or Ezee.

  • Use Cool Water Only

Cold water is used for laundry that is dark, bright colours that can bleed, and for woollens that are woven loosely as compared to cotton and silk fabrics. Delicate fabrics need to be washed in cold water only. As compared to, cold water also does not weaken the fibres.

  • Use Conditioner

This is what most of us tend to forget. Woollens or not, use some fabric-conditioners after detergent wash for your clothes. For woollens, use conditioners that are specifically formulated for woollens. Make sure you properly dilute the conditioner in a bucket of water before dipping your woollens in it.

  • Remove Excess Water Gently

When it comes to woollens, NEVER twist and squeeze them to remove excess water before drying them. Instead, scrunch them lightly, roll them in Turkish towels and gently twist them together.

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  • Do Not Expose Them To Sunlight To Dry 

Never expose your just-washed woollens to sunlight. We usually tend to expose our drying laundry to sunlight for nearly 6 hours. And exposing woollens for this long will weaken the woven wool thread and can discolour the exposed side of the clothing. Simply place the woollens flat on a drier rack. Indeed, it will take a lot of time, but it is always a much safer option for your woollen clothes.

  • Dry Them On Flat Surfaces

Drying the woollens on flat surfaces is the best technique. Wool becomes heavier when wet, as compared to other fabrics. Hanging them on hangers, rods, ropes, etc. will stretch the wet and heavy woollen weaves and will damage them. This weakens the fabric and lessens the ‘life’ of the woollens.

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  • While Packing Them For Travel

When you are travelling to cold places and are thinking of loading half of your luggage with woollen goodies, here are few packing tips you must consider:

  1. Instead of folding them, roll your woollens and pack.
  2. DO NOT over-stuff your belongings with woollens.
  3. If possible, pack your woollens and other clothes separately in different bags.
  • While Storing Them

While storing your freshly washed and dried woollens, you must consider these tips:

  1. Just like the way you pack your woollens for travel, loosely rolls them and then keep them in your wardrobe.
  2. You can fold and keep them, but make sure you do not over-stuff them and let them have free space.
  3. Store in dry and dark places.
  4. Woollens or not, dust some anti-allergic and anti-bacterial powders on your clothes, since germs and bacteria are more active during cold weathers.
  • Post Winter 

Every year, after winter season, send your woollens off to dry-cleaners. Only then you dust some anti-allergic and antibacterial powders on them, roll them neatly, pack them and store them in your wardrobe for the next winters.

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