How To Take Care Of Short Hair

How To Take Care Of Short Hair

It requires a lot of effort and time to maintain long hair and its beauty. But if you feel that you do not need to do all this for short hair, then you are wrong. Even short hair requires care as much as long hair. Here’s a list of things that you can do to maintain your beautiful short hair.

1.Special attention to the scalp

Girls with short hair need to pay more attention to the scalp. Do not forget to exfoliate them at least once in a week. There are plenty of hair scrubs available on the market. If you want to go all natural, add a small spoon of sugar in your oil and use it as a scrub. After this, wash with shampoo and your scalp will be instantly cleaned.

2. Keep this in mind when brushing

Of course, there is less trouble of your hair getting frizzed compared to long hair. But it is very easy to get addicted to combing. It is enough to do the comb once in a day. If you feel needed in the middle, then you can use your fingers to set them up. Combing cannot give you silky and shiny hair.

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3. Morning work

If you are worried about morning frizziness of your hair, try this trick instead of using a hair product to eliminate it. Take a bowl of water and dip a cotton in it. Then squeeze it well and wipe your hair with it. Little water present in the cotton will remove all the frizziness without making the hair wet. If you want you can also use a spray bottle. Just spray light water on the hair and you are ready to rock any hairstyle.

4. Use of Hair Products

Whether it is serum, gel, shampoo or conditioner do not overload the hair with the products. Using them in more quantity will not make the hair clean and silky. In fact, increased use of chemical products can make your hair dry. Always use the product in less quantity and less frequently.

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5. Blow Dryer

People often treat short hair not seriously and end up damaging it more. Using a blow drying can lead it to more drying and frizzing. So, avoid using a blow dryer as much as you can. Let your hair dry naturally. If you need to use it, then run it at a low temperature.

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