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5 Sex Benefits of Going To The Gym

Hitting the gym regularly has its own benefits. Other than looking and feeling fitter, there are some obvious benefits of…

1 month ago

5 Easy Home Remedies For Healthy Teeth

While taking care of your eyes and ears and skin is important, let's not forget about your teeth. Teeth problems…

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Yoga Exercises You Must Do Daily

Unlike most other forms of exercises, yoga is about gentle, conscious movements that are well timed with the correct breathing…

1 month ago

BUSTED: 5 Yoga Myths You Need To Stop Believing ASAP!

People around the world are slowly catching on to his trend and it’s time to bust these yoga myths away!…

2 months ago

6 Yoga Poses Even The Laziest People Can Pull Off

You’ve heard of Yoga, but have you heard of Noga? A portmanteau (two words joined to create a new word), Noga…

2 months ago

6 Bedtime Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

Yoga is beneficial in every possible way, including stimulation of sleep. With so many distractions, sleep disorders and health problems…

2 months ago

6 Simple Yoga Poses To Boost Your Carnal Act

Sex is one of the ultimate mind-body experience in between two people. Yoga not only improves your flexibility and over…

3 months ago

5 Quick Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Back

Yoga is known to be the most detailed method to maintain health. Apart from its fundamental benefit of maintaining the…

3 months ago

4 Fun Workouts For Those Who Absolutely Hate Gym

Losing weight can be a fun activity!

2 years ago