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10 Tips To Party This New Year’s Eve Responsibly

Time and again women have been ‘suggested’ not to go for late night parties for safety reasons. But why suppress…

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How To Stand Up For Yourself At Work

Often you get pushed around, pressurised for something that eventually might affect your mental as well as physical health and…

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Female Sexuality: Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Kamasutra's writer - the great Vatsyayana has already written a great deal about women and their sexuality - in both…

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5 Reasons Why Women Should Initiate Sex

Why is it that only men are the ones to initiate sex all the time? Is is beacuse of some…

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5 Reasons Why Men Are Obsessed With Boobs

What's not to love about them?

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4 Sex Positions To Try If You Love Being On Top

Ride him like a sex Goddess!

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“If Bollywood Opens Up On Sexual Harassment, We Will Lose A Lot Of Heroes,” Says Richa Chadha

Following the wave of women in the West standing up against their sexual harassers, Richa says that there are a…

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3 Muscle Toning Exercises For Women

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5 Simple Things All Women Like In Bed

Women aren't that complicated afterall.

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5 Things About Dating That Only Workaholics Will Understand

Yes, it's okay to go on a date in formals!

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