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10+ Easy And Quick Hairstyles You Can Flaunt This Party Season

We are in the last week of 2019 and almost every millennial wants to spend these days painting the town…

12 months ago

PARTY MAKE-UP: Trendy Looks To Try This Party Season

Once you've found the perfect party dress, managed to track down the perfect shoes to go with it (that you…

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5 Uncommon Matte Nail Colours You Must Have This Winter

Change in season calls for a change in fashion because why not! We all want to try something new, different…

1 year ago

5 Trending Hair Colour Techniques To Choose From

Where there are a lot of choices of hair colours, you must know which ones are trending. This will help…

1 year ago

Priyanka Chopra Faces Criticism For Calling Sikkim Insurgency-Hit

Social Media Users are furious at the actress for referring to Sikkim as insurgency-hit with the State-Government!

2 years ago