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Delicious Snacks You Can Serve Your Guests During Festive Season

No Indian festival is quite complete without mouthwatering food. Since you will obviously have guests pouring in by the dozen…

11 months ago

Party Snacks: Cottage Cheese Croquettes

Who says vegetarians have no options of finger-foods to indulge in during parties? Try these absolutely vegetarian delectable Cottage Cheese…

1 year ago

3 Yummy Pakoda Recipes You Need To Try

Try out these pakoda recipes for evening snack,making your tea time a perfect one!

2 years ago

Healthy Snacks: Veg Soya Kebabs

Yes, soyabean can be tasty!

2 years ago

Party Snacks: Nawabi Egg Cutlet

Eggs are savoured by everyone. If you are confused on what to make on your next kitty party then worry…

2 years ago

Tasty Snack: Baked Bhakarwadi

Tasty and yummy!

2 years ago

Healthy Snack Recipe: Rajma Ke Kebab

Healthy and yummy!

2 years ago

3 Simple Snack Recipes For The Ultimate Evening Party

Toss out the junk food and start making snack time fun again!

2 years ago

5 Healthy Evening Snacks That Aid In Weight-Loss

Yes, untimely hunger pangs can be tended to!

2 years ago

Healthy Breakfast: Paneer Cheela Recipe

Start your day with a healthy Indian breakfast!

2 years ago