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Party Snacks: Cottage Cheese Croquettes

Who says vegetarians have no options of finger-foods to indulge in during parties? Try these absolutely vegetarian delectable Cottage Cheese…

1 month ago

3 Yummy Pakoda Recipes You Need To Try

Try out these pakoda recipes for evening snack,making your tea time a perfect one!

10 months ago

Healthy Snacks: Veg Soya Kebabs

Yes, soyabean can be tasty!

10 months ago

Party Snacks: Nawabi Egg Cutlet

Eggs are savoured by everyone. If you are confused on what to make on your next kitty party then worry…

10 months ago

Tasty Snack: Baked Bhakarwadi

Tasty and yummy!

11 months ago

Healthy Snack Recipe: Rajma Ke Kebab

Healthy and yummy!

1 year ago

3 Simple Snack Recipes For The Ultimate Evening Party

Toss out the junk food and start making snack time fun again!

1 year ago

5 Healthy Evening Snacks That Aid In Weight-Loss

Yes, untimely hunger pangs can be tended to!

1 year ago

Healthy Breakfast: Paneer Cheela Recipe

Start your day with a healthy Indian breakfast!

1 year ago

Easy And Light Sabudana Vada Recipe

Create the perfect tea time snack!

1 year ago