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5 Ayurvedic Plants And Their Beauty Uses

Many of us have a common issue of being allergic to all the harmful products which have a high amount…

1 year ago

3 Everyday Habits That Dehydrate Your Skin

Winters are almost here and your skin is getting dry like a desert. Along with the cold comes the cracked…

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7 Tips To Prevent Cold And Flu This Winter

Roaming around with a stuffy nose, a handful of tissues and a weak body is not exactly appealing. Catching a…

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Is It Okay To Use Toothpaste For Acne?

You wake up to discover some pain and plump red acne on your face, which was not there last night. You…

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5 Ways Coffee Can Be Used For Skincare

Who does not love coffee? Apart from being our favourite first-thing-in-the-morning kind of beverage, coffee has various other factors about…

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5 Benefits Of Honey For Glowing Skin

You often struggle to hunt for skincare products that are natural, devoid of any side-effects. Worry not. While you can find…

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Aloe Vera Benefits For Skin And Hair

It's time to keep the dryness at bay!

3 years ago

How To Look Fresh While Travelling?

Whether you are heading to the coast to soak up the summer sun or to climb the hills and enjoy…

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Product Watch: Radiant Skin Is Just Around The Corner

Start revamping your beauty routine for forthcoming Valentines Day with these new launches...

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