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8 Wild Things Women Absolutely WANT In Bed!

Women are complicated creatures, or so the world thinks. The female species make it pretty clear about what they want…

4 days ago

5 Tips To Ace Your Sexting Game

Sexual conversations are getting creative every day with newer methods. And sexting is one of those ways. Sexting is a…

5 days ago

4 Sexy Ways To Turn Him On Tonight

Is he always the one who sets the mood? Does he call the shots? Maybe it’s time to change things…

1 week ago

5 Tips For Acing The Game Of Foreplay

Sex isn’t just about penetration. Foreplay will add to the pleasure to your lovemaking so do make sure to include…

3 weeks ago

5 Oral Sex Positions For Beginners

Sex, in general, can be nerve-wracking for some people out there. While some tend to excel at it with very…

1 month ago

6 Tips To Remember Before Your First Time

Having sex for the first time? Are you prepared for it? Things can get awkward in minutes if you don’t…

1 month ago

5 Ways To Build Your Stake During Foreplay

Foreplay acts as a catalyst during sexual interaction. The burning anticipation in the groin that builds up as every second…

1 month ago

5 Ways You Can Express Pleasure To Your Man

Does you husband know that you enjoy sex? Or are you a little shy and he’s not so sure?

10 months ago

10 Amazing Tips For A Mind-Blowing Morning Sex

Follow these morning sex tips--and start your day with your best sex yet.

2 years ago

6 Easy And Best Sex Positions To Make Your First Time Memorable

Instead of trying complicated sex positions which might ruin your experience, go for these 6 simple sex styles to ensure…

2 years ago