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10+ Beauty Benefits Of Neem Oil

The properties of neem and their health benefits is widely known across the world, but not many know about its…

1 year ago

Karva Chauth 2018: Is It Right To Break Your Fast With Spicy And/Or Oily Foods?

How would you feel if you suddenly woke up to something loud and intense? You will obviously end up feeling…

2 years ago

4 Edible Oils That Can Be Used As Lubricants For Better Sex

Due to physical or psychological stress, there can be a chance of lack of natural lubrication during intercourse. Nevertheless, what…

2 years ago

5 Oils That Do Wonders To Your Skin

You must have got so many advices regarding skin-care. But the most natural way to treat and moisturise your skin…

2 years ago

DIY Hair Masks That Will Bring Life To Your Hair

Since your hair is 90% of your selfies!

2 years ago

6 Soaks To Remove Foot Odour

  Smelly feet aren't fun for anyone. All the hard work and effort you invested in your personality fades away…

3 years ago

5 Biggest Hair Mistakes You Should Avoid

In order to make hair beautiful and attractive, we end up harming them unknowingly. Avoid these 6 silly mistakes to…

3 years ago

5 Beauty Benefits Of Moringa Oil

The constant evolution of beauty trends has brought us yet another ingredient that could help us enhance our beauty regime.

3 years ago

4 Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

Did you know that Olive oil is one of the 50 healthiest food ingredients of all time?

3 years ago

Hair Care Tips For This Monsoon

Make your hair monsoon ready with these simple tips!!!

3 years ago