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Reality Check: Shattering The Most Common Beauty Myths

All our lives we have been told multiple things about the dos and don’ts of hair and skin care.  And…

4 weeks ago

5 Cool Nail Colours That Are Trending Right Now

Bored of the usual reds and nudes to paint your nails and want to try some different colours? Here are…

2 months ago

5 Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Your Body

Tea tree oils are essentially multipurpose and beneficial in various ways. From hair care to skin care, these oils are…

2 months ago

6 Pastel Nail Paints That You Can Flaunt Everyday

Soft subtle nail colours always work! They go on almost every style of outfits. It is a misbelief that nail…

3 months ago

Keep Your Nails Safe With These Hacks!

Our nails go through a lot in a day. From nail paints to nail-biting to a dip with dishwashing chemicals.…

3 months ago

7 Ways To Nourish Your Nails

Our nails can say a lot about our overall health. Brittle nails are a bothersome condition due to overdrying of the…

12 months ago

5 Beauty Uses Of Lemon

Have you tried, tested and failed at all the solutions for your dark skin and rough hair? Don't worry... Lemon…

1 year ago

Velvet Nails Are To Swear By This Season

Go on, flaunt them nails!

1 year ago

8 DIY Hacks To Get Healthy Nails

Well, if you do not have time to go for a salon nail care, you can Doi It Yourself (DIY)…

1 year ago

3D Nail Art Tutorial

Flaunt them 3D nails!

1 year ago