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Top 5 Lip Colours To Try This Winter

This season, ditch the subtle nude lip colours and opt for the darker and deeper ones. In winter our skin,…

5 months ago

5 Ways To Achieve Baby Soft Kissable Lips

Cold and dry weather calls in for major skin and hair issues. The dry air sucks out water from your…

5 months ago

Orange Lip Colours That Perfectly Complement Indian Skin Tone

Probably the most skeptical lip colour for 90 per cent of Indian women is orange. Also, not many know that…

6 months ago

What Does Your Favourite Lipstick Say About You?

You choose something for reason - you choose them to complement your personality and to go with your mood. Woman,…

6 months ago

5 Metallic Lipsticks To Rock That Festive Look

Festive season brings in bling, shimmer and all the bold and beautiful colours everywhere. There is one thing that not…

7 months ago

5 Brown Lip Colours Apt For Indian Complexion

Not many Indian women, due to their already wheatish or dusky skin tone, avoid brown lip colours. This is a…

8 months ago

5 Red Lip Colours We Fell For All Over Again

Who does not love red lip colour! We all must be having at least half a dozen of them in…

8 months ago

5 Beautiful Lipstick Shades To Wear This Valentine’s Day

Here is a list of the brightest and best lipsticks to flaunt this Valentine's Day!

1 year ago

Makeup Tutorial: How To Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Ever wondered how movie stars look so flawless on camera? Of course, they use a lot of makeup to make…

2 years ago

6 Simple Lipstick Tricks For A Perfect Pout!

When in doubt, POUT!

2 years ago