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5 Ways You Can Be A Great Kisser

Everyone’s heard of the kissing burns calories, so why hesitate? Perfects kisses are sweet and simple, but they can always…

2 months ago

5 Lip Balms To Safeguard Your Lips

Everyone wants pink luscious lips. Pollution and extreme weathers harm them easily and it is difficult to achieve that pink…

2 months ago

5 Lip Care Tips For This Monsoon

He leans in close, I yelp as a shiver of excitement moves down my spine. My eyes flutter open and…

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5 Beautiful Lipstick Shades To Wear This Valentine’s Day

Here is a list of the brightest and best lipsticks to flaunt this Valentine's Day!

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3 Lipstick Shades Best For A New Year Party

Lipstick is an easy way to enhance your overall look in an instant. It just adds that extra glamour to…

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Fix Your Facial Flaws Using Makeup

  It is not wrong when people say that makeup is magical. Make-up has the power to hide the flaws in…

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Makeup Tips: How To Flaunt A Dark Lipstick

These tips are sure to come handy!

1 year ago

Top 5 Lip Balms Available In The Market

Moisturizing your lips is an indispensable step as it renders to achieving healthy pink lips that provide a smooth base…

1 year ago

6 Outstanding Lipstick Hacks For A Perfect Pout

Wonder how to get that sexy pout? Check out these 6 lipstick hacks that will give you a perfect pout.

2 years ago

How To Choose The Right Lip Care Product

A good lip gloss or lip balm makes for healthy and soft lips. Here’s how you can choose the best…

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