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Winter Special: Make-Up Tips For Cold And Dry Days

Every season change brings along its own set of struggles, the very significant ones pertain to our health and beauty. …

11 months ago

10 Ways Of Styling Leather Pants This Party Season

Leather pants are not limited to biking or to clubbing. Though they look utterly stylish for the two activities, opting…

12 months ago

Tired Of Partying? Here’s How To Quickly Rejuvenate Yourself

Dressing-up and wearing fashionable footwear for social events such as weddings, family get-togethers, parties, club-hopping, etc. can be quite fun,…

12 months ago

Decor Dos: Budget Ways To Give Your Home A Makeover

It is that time of the year when we all enjoy being indoors. Winters are all about indulging in cosy…

12 months ago

Expert Advice: Gift Your Bestie A Celebrity-Like Bachelorette

The now-married Pee Cee set off to Amsterdam with her girl gang to celebrate her bachelorette, breaking the Internet one…

1 year ago

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Work Hours Happy!

Happiness at work follows a simple mathematical rule. It is directly proportional to how much you like your job. But…

1 year ago

5 Plus-Size Fashion Trends That Can’t Be Ignored

The existence of a plethora of silhouettes around the globe; such as, burly, sylphlike, lanky, plump, etc. depict the diversity…

1 year ago

5 Tips To Keep Your Monsoon Fashion Game On Point

Monsoon rains and its chill breeze come gushing into our lives, which is a blessing to flora and fauna. However,…

1 year ago

5 Crazy Ideas For Hot Vacation Sex

It's time to unwind. Get away with your partner!

2 years ago

5 Ideas To Celebrate Your Partner’s Birthday

Show how much your love your partner by doing something something nice for them. What's a better occasion than his/her…

2 years ago