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4 Highlighters To Add The Perfect Bling This Festive Season

The Indian festivities call in for a truck-load of bling! So when the world around you is super-sparkling and super-bling,…

2 years ago

5 Blowjob Difficulties All Women Face

Unzipping his pants may not exactly be a good idea at times!

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5 Beauty Uses Of Lemon

Have you tried, tested and failed at all the solutions for your dark skin and rough hair? Don't worry... Lemon…

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Makeup Tutorial: How To Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Ever wondered how movie stars look so flawless on camera? Of course, they use a lot of makeup to make…

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5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Computer Radiation

Modern technology has made our lives simpler. But everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. These computers are not as…

3 years ago

5 Post Make-up Skincare Tips

Yes, make-up makes us look pretty but taking care of your skin post make-up is important.

3 years ago

5 Strawberry Face Masks To Achieve A Naturally Glowing Skin

Indulge yourself in the goodness of strawberries!

3 years ago

4 Amazing Scrubs For Healthy And Gorgeous Skin

Scrub your skin with natural and home made scrubs. New Woman lists out some of the easy homemade scrubs you…

3 years ago

5 Hairstyle Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older Than You Really Are

How many times have we heard that a newly-acquired hairstyle or haircut can completely change the way one looks. As…

3 years ago

Watch Now: Pee Cee Is Sharing Tips For Hair Care

Coconut oil masks, daily shampooing, and more from this beauty with luscious locks.

3 years ago