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5 Simple Exercises To Start Your Day With

The pressure to fit into your bikinis and bodycon dresses are intersected by a race against time to wrap your…

6 months ago

6 Tips To Do And To Avoid Before Gym

The ultimate question is should you eat before or after gym. How about both? You can eat but as long…

7 months ago

5 Drinks That You Can Add To Your Keto Diet

You've started this keto diet, so you surely know and are prepared with a full chart of what you can…

7 months ago

3 Simple Indoor Exercises For Knee Pains

Suffering from a weak knee? Winter is here and we're sure those joints are aching. Walking up and down, moving…

8 months ago

5 Types of Teas That Make You Lose Weight

Want an easy way to get thin? Lose all that weight? Of course, you need to hit the gym or take…

8 months ago

4 Yummy Weight Loss Smoothies To Sip On

Nowadays, smoothies are all the rage in a way to stay fit. But how do you know what to add…

8 months ago

Workout Trend: How Doing The Garba Can Help You Burn Calories

Who doesn't love all the jazz and festivities associated with Garba? But did you know doing the Garba can be…

8 months ago

5 Sex Benefits of Going To The Gym

Hitting the gym regularly has its own benefits. Other than looking and feeling fitter, there are some obvious benefits of…

8 months ago

5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

Everyone is struggling to keep a balance between work-life and personal life and, even in that, is trying his/her best…

10 months ago

Healthy Break-Time Ideas For Office Goers

Take mini breaks to unwind and optimise results!

11 months ago