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Beauty Query: Are You Using Too Much Coconut Oil?

We tend to use coconut oil in the kitchen and now in every beauty regime. From your hair pack to getting…

1 year ago

4 Edible Oils That Can Be Used As Lubricants For Better Sex

Due to physical or psychological stress, there can be a chance of lack of natural lubrication during intercourse. Nevertheless, what…

2 years ago

5 Life Saving Home Remedies For An Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalps can be very annoying and embarrassing for everyone. It can get worse in summers and winters. Other problems…

2 years ago

DIY Hair Masks That Will Bring Life To Your Hair

Since your hair is 90% of your selfies!

2 years ago

5 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Time to stock up!

3 years ago