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4 Tips To Prepare For A Back Wax

Waxing! The process itself is scary, time-consuming and sometimes painful. Back waxing is nothing less than a nightmare for all…

1 month ago

4 Tips To Reverse The Effects of Alcohol

Celebrations call for drinks and good food. Parties, outings, and occasions can provide ample opportunity to get careless with alcohol.…

1 month ago

5 Oils That Do Wonders To Your Skin

You must have got so many advices regarding skin-care. But the most natural way to treat and moisturise your skin…

1 month ago

Keep Your Nails Safe With These Hacks!

Our nails go through a lot in a day. From nail paints to nail-biting to a dip with dishwashing chemicals.…

1 month ago

4 Smokey Metallic Eyes That Are In!

Every girl needs some sparkle in her life. No better way than putting on some glittery eye makeup! Add shimmer to…

1 month ago

6 Beauty Tips For Long and Thick Eyelashes

Whatever your lash size, everyone is looking for longer and thicker eyelashes. Those with long lashes are blessed and others…

1 month ago

5 Beauty Uses Of Lemon

Have you tried, tested and failed at all the solutions for your dark skin and rough hair? Don't worry... Lemon…

10 months ago

5 Common Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Beauty

Common yet dreadful, you don't even know you are committing these beauty crimes!

1 year ago

An Easy Guide To Don The No Make Up Look

It’s all about a fresh-faced glow and letting your natural beauty shine through.

2 years ago

10 Best Beauty Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Even those ladies who use cosmetics regularly are not aware of all the beauty secrets that are out there!

2 years ago