With Who Does Sushant Singh Rajput Want To Spend His Birthday?

With Who Does Sushant Singh Rajput Want To Spend His Birthday?



No. it’s not his current lady love Kriti Sanon. Not even ex-flame Ankita Lokhande or any special person from the industry or his family! Rather the actor would love to have a quiet birthday by spending some quality time with himself!

In an interview on the eve of his birthday yesterday, he has said, “I used to be excited about my birthdays for the first few years of my life because, my mother and sisters would have a big celebration. Also, I would be thrilled about cake and gifts, but now it’s [birthday] more about spending time with myself; and appreciating that the earth doesn’t get tired and so, it has completed another circle around the sun. It’s more to do with just the realisation that time is subjective. When you are really young, time flies slowly in anticipation of the youth, but the period of the youth goes by quickly because you’re so excited about it. The introspection time is for the old age when things slow down again.”

Well, this electrical engineer, who has joined acting to pursue his passion is always been quite different from the rest of the industry, in terms of choosing the films and behaving in public.


We wish him a very happy birthday and a wonderful and successful year ahead.


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