Style Tips For Wearing A Little Black Dress

Style Tips For Wearing A Little Black Dress

You may not have a toothbrush, but a little black dress or LBD is, well, a must! This one never fails to impress. It has a slimming effect on everyone and will be the most useful clothing item you own. But, effortless style is not about how perfect your LBD is but about how perfect you look in it. We show you how to look invincible and sexy in your lovely black number

1) Get your insides right

For your LBD to fit snugly, you have to choose the right inner wear.

  • Shop for the right size: Tiny thongs or G-strings look so appealing on display! But how do they look on you? It’s a question you must ask yourself when in front of the three-way mirrors. However tempting the little wisps of clothing look, never buy it if it’s not your size. Small sized lingerie tends to make you bulge from all the wrong places. So choose the one that fits you snugly.
  • Shape it: A not-so-perfect tummy is not a reason enough for an imperfect LBD because here’s the solution—shapewear. High-waisted panties shape up your middle so that you don’t have to worry about your paunch or love handles being seen through the silhouette of your dress.
  • Shop at the right time:Any time is right time for shopping, we know, but for lingerie… well, that’s not completely true. Always reserve the morning hours to lingerie shopping. It is at this time of the day that your body is least bloated and the probability of getting a perfect fit is high.

2) Keep it sweet and simple

As you get ready to begin the hunt for your perfect LBD, keep this golden rule in mind—let your LBD be the one that flaunts your assets. So, if shapely legs are your best feature, begin by looking for a short, plain dress that conceals your flaws.

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3) Stay true to your body type

For every body type, there exists a perfect LBD. The trick lies matching your strengths and flaws with that of an LBD. Wearing loose and oversized baggy tops will only make you look bigger. Instead, pick a well-fitted, sleek outfit that glides over your curves.

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4) Necklines

While trying out an LBD, pay special attention to the design and cut of the necklines. While ruffled necklines give volume to a small bust, necklines with an asymmetrical cut help to even out a heavy bust.

5) Cut

Once you venture out into the world of LBDs you will encounter dresses of varying shapes, sizes and cuts. From the no-fuss-no-frill chic styles to flowy, layered ones. Choose a cut that complements your best features and downplays the flaws.

  • For a heavy middle choose a dress that flows freely from the base of your bust. This draws attention away from an imperfect waist.
  • For a small bust select a dress that is pleated or gathers material on the top. This accompanied with a good push-up bra will help you get that perfect look.
  • For a heavy bust choose a cut that separates the top from the bottom. Corset tops are a best bet but a high-neck is a strict no-no for you.
  • For thick thighs go in for an A-line cut or cut that defines your waistline. Steer clear from Empire waist.

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