Stop Stalking Your Ex Online And Chase Your Happy Life

Yes, you got it right. Stalking your ex-boyfriend online in 21st century is just not cool. Time to focus on your life and happiness.

Stop Stalking Your Ex Online And Chase Your Happy Life


We all have done some crazy stuff after a break-up but there are some ‘unhealthy things’ which you should get rid of, like right now. No matter how much you brag about being over your ex, but behind the closed doors, you are still stalking your ex’s profile. And the bitter truth is that it is making you even more sad, unhappy and lonely with time.

Folks, keeping tabs on your partner’s profile while in a relationship is still okay but post a break-up, it’s just not good for you. It’s time to stop being the internet creep – why not use your time to chase your goals and dreams which has only happiness and success filled in for you.

Say ‘Yes’ to ‘Your Happiness’

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You have cried your lungs out, abused your ex-boyfriend in your head for million times and asked yourself, ‘What really went wrong’? But hey, are you feeling alright after all this? Come on, come out of your four walls and embrace your life and never let it go. Make a list of all those things you were dreaming to do and ensure that you start on a journey which involves just you and your happiness.

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Don’t forget your ‘real self’:


Don’t let one heartbreak change the person in you. Do you remember that fall from the swing in the childhood where you were instantly in tears? But today, when you look back, you either laugh or realise that you have grown up so much since then. Similarly, this heartbreak doesn’t mean that you have failed. It means that you will bounce back with full force and it will only make you stronger – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Replace ‘I Love You’ with ‘Delete’/ ‘Block’ button:


It seems heart-breaking and harsh, right? But, love and heartbreaks were never meant to be easy. So, wake up and get on to some real action. It’s the oldest formula but yet the effective. If you want to move on in the true sense, you cannot stay glued to your ex-boyfriend’s conversations, pictures and newsfeeds. Erase his existence from your life with a hit/press of one magical button, that is,‘Delete’.

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Stay away from friends who are obsessed with your ex:

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What’s most painful than your heartbreak? It’s when your friends remind you of your ex and keep on talking about your happy moments. This is the moment when you need to tell your friends that you don’t need to hear your love story saga. Remember, it’s your life at the end of the day and you don’t want any unnecessary extra drama, especially from your so-called friends who can’t understand your pain.

Use your stalking skills to follow influential people:

Yes, we have figured out that you are good at following profiles. So, instead of stalking your heartbreaker, follow people and pages of creative and influential personalities who channel your inner happy self. There is no harm in following people on social media but what matter is who are you following and are they helping you in the good way.

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