How to stop your child from sucking his thumb

Have you tried hard to stop your child from indulging in thumb sucking and yet failed in making it successful? Well, there is nothing to panic because we are providing you five simple ways to help your child in getting rid of thumb sucking.

How to stop your child from sucking his thumb

Talk to your toddler: Children tend to respond better when parents open up to them and explain what they are doing is wrong and with the reasons. As a parent, rather than yelling at your child, you can talk to him/her and explain why thumb-sucking is a bad habit.

Give time to your child: Well, after you have explained your child about the bad habit, do not expect him to leave it immediately. You have to be patient and give your child some time and ask him to start avoiding thumb sucking in public and eventually, he will stop doing it.

Point out the bad habit: There are times, when children don’t know what is right and wrong and therefore, as parents, it becomes a responsibility to let them when they go wrong. Children tend to suck when they are anxious and bored and therefore, they need to be told that the habit is bad and needs to be stopped.

Keep your child engaged: Children often involve in thumb sucking out of boredom and the alternative is to keep them engaged with other activities.

Approach an expert: Despite all your efforts, if your child is still not able to discontinue the habit of thumb sucking, then seek an expert’s help and get to the root cause of the problem to help your child in getting rid of the habit.


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