Step-By-Step Make-up Guide For Getting Younger Looking Eyes

Step-By-Step Make-up Guide For Getting Younger Looking Eyes

Eyes show age earlier than other parts of the face. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, so use a concealer to even out wrinkles and lines around the eyes.

Step 1: Hide your dark circles

remove eye dark circles

To disguise dark circles, use a small brush to apply concealer. Gently pat on the discoloured area without rubbing.

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Step 2: Use the correct eyeliner



Avoid applying shimmer to your eyes, since it tends to highlight fine lines. Give your eyes a lift by lining the top lash line with an eye pencil or a brown shadow. While working with the liner, instead of drawing a straight line, create a few dashes and then try to connect them.

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Step 3: Pick A vibrant eyeshadow

vibrant eyeshadow

Use bright colours for eyeshadow for the youth effect.

Step 4: Use mascara generously


Mascara always helps in giving a young feel to your eyes. Avoid placing heavy loads at the tip of your lashes. Place the mascara brush at the root and go for light strokes.

Cool tip: Always opt for moisturised make-up products rather than the powdery ones to give your skin a softer appearance. You don’t have to spend hours to look terrific; the right colours and tones will do the trick.

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