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Step-By-Step Make-Up Guide For The Festive Season

With Ganesh Chaturthi and Teej celebrations here, we thought of listing down an Indian festive make-up look tutorial that would help you look vibrant and glamorous on the days of the festival. Follow the steps given below to get ready for the occasion.

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  • Step 1-Base

Begin with a moisturizer as you need to hydrate and prepare your skin for the subsequent makeup to come. Ensure that you have a seamless base in order to achieve a long-lasting and flawless make-up. Prime your face and follow it up with a full coverage foundation.

  • Step 2- Eyes

A festive make-up requires a pop of colour and it can best be incorporated in your eye make-up. Apply a layer of glittery gold shadow all over your lids. Merge a bright pink towards the outer corners in a v-shape and add definition to your eyes by adding brown eye-shadow in your crease. Wing out both your eyes with a liquid liner. Strike a balance by smoking out your lower lash line with a pink shadow. Add volume to your lashes by applying mascara. Apply kohl to your lower as well as upper waterline but leave the inner corner of the eyes bare. This makes the eyes look open.

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  • Step 3- Cheeks

Since the eyes already reflect screaming vibrancy, go for an exceptionally light blush. A cream blush would look more natural and suit the makeup. It goes without saying that occasions like these call for a photo session. The highlighter is an indispensable product to apply in times like these as it catches light and reflects the right amount of it when a snap is clicked. It makes your skin look absolutely luminous and beautiful. Skip contouring as there too much of anything is bad and so it goes for makeup too.

  • Step 4- Lips

Use a hot pink lipstick to finish your look. Slab a generous amount of lip balm before you begin your makeup and remove it before applying your lipstick. This will help your lipstick last longer and refrain your lips from drying. Maybelline’s Baby Lips offers a good range of lip balms to choose from. Lastly, set your makeup by dusting a light layer of translucent powder all over your face. This will not let your make-up become cakey. Spray rose water all over your face and let it dry. This is going to lend a more natural finish to your makeup while adding a degree of dewiness to it.

Thus, follow these steps and rest assured to have all eyes on you!

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