What Your Star Sign Says About The Way You Have Sex

From no strings attached to passionate love, here is a list of the sexual characteristics of all the zodiac signs, that would help you watch out for the type you seek.

From highly sex-driven individuals to those who love to take it nice and slow, it takes all kinds of people to make up this world.  While some believe in indulging in emotionally detached sessions of sex, there are some who treat it as an activity that renders to developing a strong passionate and emotional bond. Let’s find out the sexual traits of people based on their zodiac signs.

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  • Capricorn


Capricorn individuals are sheer perfectionists. They love planning out their session of sex, buying expensive sex toys, lingerie and scented candles which can set the perfect mood. Little things do matter and they’d definitely add to the beauty of the session. They are average in bed but make up for it with their enthusiasm and involvement.

  • Aquarius


Aquariuns are absolutely emotionally detached. They can hop from one individual to another like butterflies move from flower to flower for pollen. If you bore aquariuns and offer them nothing exciting, rest assured to have them gone in a jiffy. Be open to sexual experiments as these individuals can be fun in bed.

  • Pisces


Pisces individuals are far too giving. They will generously cater to every sexual need of their partner and expect little in return. This makes them the ideal partners for those who aren’t too good in bed.

  • Aries


Just like the Piscarian, an Aries individual can be very giving too but unlike the former, he/she would expect the same from their partners. Arians don’t believe in doing favours for free and love their orgasms. They are good in bed and can heat-up the session, making it a memorable experience for themselves and the other person involved.

  • Taurus


Taurans do not enjoy sexual experiments. They are pretty old school in their way of approach . They’d definitely agree on trying out new things for their partner but its the other person who has to take lead. Taurans aren’t very sexually-driven. The good thing about them is that they are patient and tender while making love.

  • Gemini


Geminians can be outright honest about everything; right from confessing their love to someone to expressing their desire of experimenting different positions and this is what wins their partner’s heart. Yes, they can be quite indecisive in nature which may cause delay in their actions. However, it is important for them to trust their gut as it’d make things much easier and less complicated.

  • Cancer


For Cancerians, it’s all about the emotions. These individuals treat sex as an activity to develop an emotional bond with their partner. They are great in bed but along with great sex comes a lot of pampering and cheesy stuff that Cancerians tend to offer which may be liked by those looking for a relationship but loathed by those looking for a no strings attached relationship.

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  •  Leo


True to their zodiac symbol, Leos are like lions in bed. They are exceptionally good in bed and can take their partners to a fantasy world with their moves. With raging sexual hormones, Leos love to give their partners pleasure as well as receive an equal amount of body-worship from them. Their orgasm game is on point, both on the giving and receiving ends. Exciting foreplay, innovative role-play and unbridled confidence while going for the home-run is what defines a Leo’s sex game.

  • Virgo


Virgo individuals are shy and take time to open up but when they do, they prove to be worth every minute of the wait. Being extremely sensitive in nature, they take it personally when their partners aren’t satisfied with their moves. They feel it is their holy duty to give pleasure to the person they love and get the same in return.

  • Libra


Companianship means a lot to Librans . Not only do they excite their partners in bed but keep the spark alive even when they are away. Sexting, dirty talking etc are their areas of expertise and they never cease to blow their partner’s mind away with innovative ideas.

  • Scorpio


Scorpions are painfully charming, intense and smart. They can be quite intimidating in all aspects. They do not come across as devout lovers but deep within, they have a tender heart. It goes without saying that such people are passionate lovers and can be very gentle in bed. The deceptive casanova-like vibe may get lost once you indulge in cuddling.

  • Sagittarius


Saggitarians are the most easy-going individuals when it comes to sex. It’s effortless to develop a sexual sync with them as their casual and carefree attitude just makes it so much more easier to get into the flow and follow their rhythm. They are the only ones who do not mind cracking a joke and having a good laugh about it while having sex. This is what makes them so much more fun to be with. What’s amazing is that they manage to maintain the mood even while bringing in the humour quotient.

Each zodiac sign has something unique to offer and every individual is amazing in their own way. However, it is upto you when it comes to the type of individual you want to do it with.

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