Spruce Up Your Sunday With Delicious Grilled Chicken

Make your Sunday memorable and flavourful by cooking your favourite dish, Grilled Chicken.

Spruce Up Your Sunday With Delicious Grilled Chicken


Meat-lovers, if you are reading this, you can definitely relate to love for chicken. Chicken is the best meat in the world, isn’t it? And when it’s grilled, it’s better, tender and juicy. So, why don’t you make your Sunday all the more worthwhile by stepping into the kitchen and trying your hands at making this wonderful chicken recipe? Have fun, people.



2, Chicken breast (boneless)

2, Whole Red Chillies

2-3, Cloves of garlic

2 tbsp, Vinegar

2 tbsp, Lukewarm ghee

Salt to taste

Black pepper, as per taste

Method: Blend garlic and red chilies in a blender. Add lukewarm ghee, salt, and vinegar to the paste and mix well. Now, marinate chicken breasts in this mixture and rest aside for 10 minutes. Following this, grill chicken breasts in the pre-heat oven (180-degree celsius for 40 minutes) until it turns golden brown. Garnish with black pepper and serve with schezwan sauce.

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