How To Spice Up Foreplay For A Better Sex Life

Bored of your monotonous sex routine? To add more zest to your bedroom activity, switch to delightful nibbles that promise to boost your sex drive.

How To Spice Up Foreplay For A Better Sex Life

Seasonal fruits: Tease each other with chunks of fruits—mangoes, cherries, avocados, strawberries, grapes—and create naughty memories in the process. Let him place these fruits all over your body and bite them off your skin. Enjoy as he licks of their juices, adding intense pleasure to the moment. A great add-on would be to hold the fruit on your most erotic parts. Let passion rise as he plays his tongue over it all.

Ice cubes: Turn on your sexual quotient by rubbing ice cubes on each other’s sensitive zones. Set the passion soaring by letting the ice melt over your bodies. Use your tongue to lick the ice drips off and let the warmth of your tongues drive each other crazy. If this doesn’t add enough spice, let him explore your entire body with the ice cubes. The cozier the area the more erotic the feel.

Chocolate syrup: Chocolate is known for its mood-boosting quality. You can add to the erotica quotient by drizzling warm chocolate syrup all over your man’s body. Enjoy the sensation of licking it away slowly and setting the mood for love. In turn, he can do the same with your body too. It will leave both of you yearning for more. Choose dark chocolate for extra pleasure.

Honey: Blindfold your man and let honey flow all over his naked body. You may create words like ‘love’ and ‘sex’ with your fingers and make him guess them. You could also lick the honey starting from bottom to top. Don’t be surprised if the silly act turns out to be extremely sensuous, creating moments of fantasy. Carefree sex is always called for.

Wine: Food foreplay is incomplete without shots of champagne or your favourite wine. Gaze into your man’s eyes, as you pour wine on your belly button and ask him to lick it up. This can be a real turn on. To enhance your sexual mood, drip it all over your body. You’d be the happiest to discover the best moments of ecstasy with each other.

PS: Don’t miss out on hitting the shower after the session to help clean up each other. You never know, it might
lead to round two of lovemaking!


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