Why South Africa Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Cape Town is full of surprises!

Why South Africa Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

If you love a vacation that is full of nature, wildlife and adventure combined with an evening of tranquility, you should plan your next vacation to South Africa. Here are some of the exciting things South Africa has to offer.

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Come To Cape Town

There is a lot in Cape Town for you to see and do. Once you reach Cape Town, you’ll feel a unique sense of peace. The beautiful greenery and mountains are a beautiful sight to behold.

The weather is usually pleasant but can also be quite unpredictable. Nobody can tell when it’s going to be cold or warm the next minute. Make sure your warm clothing is within reach!

The Table Mountain in Cape Town is also a wondrous sight to see. To reach there, you’d have to take a cable car, from where you can have a complete 360° view of the entire city. It’s a really breathtaking view!

Cape Town also has a lot of wineries that are a great place to visit if you consider yourself a wine connoisseur and enjoy wine tastings. The Stellenbosch area is especially known for its incredible variety of wine.

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Activities and Adventure

Speaking of adventures, South Africa is full of them. In the peninsula, you can enjoy a sidecar experience as well as shark cage diving in the waters of Gansbaai.

The small province of Knysna is packed with adventure and has a lot in store. You can enjoy a unique biking experience in quad bikes, which are so easy to drive! Although the population is small, the wonderful memories you’ll have will be infinite.

If you’re in for an extreme adrenaline surge, you can enjoy jump lining as well bungee jumping off Bloukrans bridge. The bridge stands at over 200 mtrs tall and will definitely make you scream out of excitement!

You can also head on over to Betty’s Bay, where you can meet adorable penguins in their natural environment. They live in big colonies and also have their own leader!

Safari Time

Bill Harrop’s Balloon Safaris are quite renowned in South Africa and climbing into one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can enjoy these balloons only at a fixed time between 4-5 am to really enjoy the sunrise.

Other than these places, you can even visit the Cango caves, many museums and safaris. Kids are also promised to have a fun-filled yet educational experience. Zulu dancing, table lessons and quiet dinners are also the best way to spend your vacation here.

If you’re ever feeling homesick and are craving Indian food, South Africa is filled with tons of Indian restaurants where you can also enjoy vegetarian and Jain food.

South Africa is a unique country where nature and modernity go hand-in-hand, so you should highly consider it for your next family getaway.

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