‘My legs are heavy for this look’; ‘I cannot pull this dress off in my figure’; ‘My body is way too big for this style’; These are a few of the common statements that come from plus-sized women who’re invariably at their wit’s end when it comes to managing clothes according to their body type. As an alternative, they often opt for baggy tees and loose-fitting clothes to hide their figures. “Being overweight doesn’t mean you cannot look stunning! Curves are hot and you must get over the size zero bandwagon; full-figured is the new sexy. A healthy dose of confidence and good fashion sense will be your roadmap to looking trendy and curvy,” says ace stylist Karishma Khanduja. To start your fashion trail, take a good look at your wardrobe and get rid of all your non-fitting clothes that you want to hide your figure in. Explore our style guide as we bring you the latest plus-sized fashion trends that promise to blow your mind.


First, shed your inhibition and go for that fashionable dress without harbouring any such thought that it will make you a laughing stock. Do not ever think that dressing smartly in plus-size fashion will make your figure look bigger. Plus-size fashion will rather accentuate your beautiful curves! All you need to know are the right trends that a curvaceous girl can carry off well. “Boho looks are trending this season. They will never go out of style and are a great wardrobe essential,” suggests Karishma. “Flared skirts are trending too. But remember, the flare must only be till the knee. Lace dresses are another option for a brunch with your friends. And there’s good news for those who are uncomfortable in skinny jeans. Bootcut and ripped jeans are a good option. And whoever said that curvy women can’t carry cropped tops? Show off your figure in a cropped blouse with a high-waisted pencil skirt. For an evening get-together or outing with friends, try a colourful maxi dress, palazzo pants, tank dress or even a tunic dress. You can also go for colourful kaftans. For formal evenings, opt for a mermaid dress or a peplum dress. It is commonly believed, curvy women carry a peplum dress much better indeed. You can also go for culottes aka wide-legged pants.”

Ditch the old rule that says plus-sized women must wear only black. Fashion stylist Neha Sahni recommends popping colours that suit your complexion. “Adopt blues, yellows, oranges, bright reds and greens for your wardrobe. Go for floral prints, psychedelic prints and fruit prints that go well with the season. Your love for pastels must also come out this season. Wear pastel colours like pinks, mauves and baby blues to become a curvy fashion queen.” Maxi dresses look even better when colour contrasted, so give a pop of colour to your outfit. Adopt small prints and say goodbye to bigger prints.

Kajal Sinha, a voluptuous anchor and a mother of two, prefers, “Dotted dresses that come handy in different colours. You can also try narrow and horizontal striped dresses.”
Dhatri Bhatt from H&M, India, points to the prominent and confident plus size model Ashley Graham, whose most famous quote goes like: “My body, like my confidence, has been picked apart, manipulated and controlled by others who didn’t necessarily understand it. Once, I reclaimed ownership over my body, I discovered a greater purpose as a woman who was defying preconceived standards of feminine beauty.” Dhatri says, “H&M+ is for the beautiful, confident city girl who likes feminine and cool garments.”

1.Wear clothes according to your size. Never wear a size bigger to hide your flab or a smaller size to make you look bigger. Always wear well-fitted clothes. This trick will go a long way in defining your curves.
2.Focus on your favourite body part and wear clothes to draw attention to that part. This will make you carry your outfit dress, with confidence.
3.Wear a supportive and smooth bra underneath. It makes your outfit look better. Moreover, it will make your bust look toned up.4.Don’t hesitate to add a pop of colour to your attire. It will make you stand out, especially in the bright season.
5.Being full size doesn’t mean you have to hide beneath your big tees. Also, try plus-size satins and laces when it comes to lingerie, to make your curves look even hotter.
6.Accessorize the right way. Use big necklaces, scarves, purses, colorful belts and high heels to enhance your look.
7.Get a good hairstylist and select a hairstyle that suits your face and body structure. Good hair tends to change the look altogether.
8.Wear bright coloured lipsticks, a good amount of mascara and winged eyeliner to look trendy. Being heavier on the body shouldn’t stop you from making your facial features look appealing.

1.Avoid frills and over-the-top dresses! Forget too much detailing and stick to classy and sober outfits and decent accessories that make you look fabulous.
2.Be smart about camouflaging your flab with three-fourth sleeves and knee-length dresses.
3.Sitcky fabrics are a big no no. Never wear fabrics that stick to your body. Opt for flowy fabrics like georgette, chiffon, etc.
4.Avoid a dress that fits your full figure.
5.Give round neck clothes a miss. Opt for v-necks that accentuates the area around the neck.

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