Simple Steps To Hide Your Acne Using Makeup

Simple Steps To Hide Your Acne Using Makeup

Acne can destroy a person’s confidence and puts all the efforts to zero. It’s a struggle to treat those painful red bumps and scabby spots. In such cases, people who love makeup have an upper hand as not only they believe that makeup does not cause skin problems, but they have the skills to hide them as well. So, we guide you on how to hide your acne using makeup.

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Step 1: Moisturize

Moisturizing is important for all skin type. So start by moisturizing your skin and create a simple base for your makeup to stay. Also, this habit will save your skin from getting dry.

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Step 2: Primer

The area around the acne often gets reddened. So a primer is necessary to make your skin even tone. Prime your face before applying foundation to have a blank canvas for the contour.

Step 3: Foundation

When opting for a foundation, always go for a full coverage foundation. This will help you see how much more coverage you actually need to conceal the cystic acne. It’s enough to cover the redness and imperfections around the acne and also won’t make your face look overly done.

Step 4: Concealer

Take the concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your face. Apply gently as the area around your pimple might be painful. Blend it well along with the foundation and make it even.

Step 5: Powder

After the application of so many liquid based creams, your skin can feel a bit oily and heavy. So it is very necessary to put powder after that to ensure that your stays at place for a longer time. Also, there is a high chance of bacteria sticking on your face if your makeup is left creamy. So never forget to apply powder at the end that will give you a matte finish!

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