Simple Chicken Recipes For The Meat Lover In You

Meat lovers, we understand your love for chicken and no matter how much you eat, you can never ever get enough of soft, delicious chicken. Here are amazing chicken recipes which are high on flavour.

Simple Chicken Recipes For The Meat Lover In You



Chicken Recipes

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250 g, chicken breast or thigh

5 g pepper, freshly ground

5 ml, lemon

salt, to taste

15 ml, oil

1 g, turmeric powder

25 g, ginger garlic paste

15 g, coriander leaves

15 g, green chili paste

Method: Clean the chicken breast or leg free of any fat. Prepare a marination of all remaining ingredients. Coat the chicken pieces with the marination and leave it for an hour. Skewer the marinated chicken pieces and grill it till the desired cooking is obtained.

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Chicken Recipes


5 ml, dark soy sauce

25 ml, sunflower oil, refined

25 g, red chili, whole paste

10 g, ginger, chopped

10 g, garlic, chopped

5 g, aromatic seasoning

250 g, chicken breast pieces, boneless

10 g, spring onions, chopped

Method: In a round-bottomed bowl, mix soya sauce, red chili paste, and aromatic seasoning powder. Add ginger, garlic and vegetable oil. Whisk lightly. Add chicken pieces and marinate for one hour. Pierce pieces with a skewer and grill over a medium charcoal fire. Serve hot sprinkled with chopped spring onions.

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