Shriya Pilgaonkar reveals her beauty secrets

Just when you think you know enough about her, she surprises you with something more. Read on, as Shriya Pilgaonkar spills her beauty secrets to Anisha Suvarna.

Shriya Pilgaonkar reveals her beauty secrets

Do you follow a strict skincare routine?

I have a simple, basic and effective skincare routine. I wash my face twice a day. I ensure to remove all my make-up every night. I consciously make an effort to stay hydrated. Using a good primer before doing your make-up is very important, so I never miss it. Also, sunscreen is everything, especially for skin prone to pigmentation.

Are there any specific beauty products that you use?

I swear by Cetaphil’s face wash. I use Emolene every day, which hydrates my dry skin. I like Kiel’s avocado eye cream which keeps the area around my eye moisturised. I also use a little bit of Kumkumadi Tailam (herbal oil) on my skin and around my eyes before I’m off to bed. It acts as a night serum and makes my skin glow the next day.

Are there any beauty treatments that you indulge in after a long day’s work?

I don’t like to tamper with my skin much. The only thing I follow without fail is removing my make-up and moisturising my skin before going to bed. Also, I make sure I get enough sleep. You seem to follow a simple make-up look.

What is the craziest look you have tried yet?

I like my skin to breathe which is why I don’t overdo the make-up unless required. I am obsessed with dark, bold lip colours. I tried the black lips look at home and found it fun and dramatic, but I haven’t yet found the perfect opportunity to wear it outside.

Make-up you always carry with you in your bag?

I always have my make-up pouch handy, just in case. It has a lip balm, a nude-shaded lipstick (Spice from M.A.C), a pink tint, a light brown eye pencil, a M.A.C compact powder and a concealer. Among these are also my hand cream, a small mirror and a small packet of face wipes.

Any tips for our readers on how to keep hair healthy?

I don’t have very thick hair which is why I have to be extra cautious. I think it’s important to have your diet in place. Hair and skin care are more dependent on how healthy you are. Take vitamins if needed.

What’s your diet mantra like?

Moderation is the key to everything. Food excites me and I love to eat and try all sorts of cuisines. I am not a fussy eater. The only thing I try to consciously follow is to eat five meals a day, every two hours. I eat 2–3 hours before I sleep. I love to work out. I do Pilates thrice a week and play badminton. I have naturally become more mindful of what I am eating, which prevents me from overeating.



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