Shop Like A Pro Fashion Stylist With These 5 Tips

Shop Like A Pro Fashion Stylist With These 5 Tips

We all love going shopping but can be terrible shoppers. We just seem to waste money on things we don’t need and don’t end up buying what we actually need. So how do we stop that? Here are 5 professional tips from fashion stylists across the industry on how to shop and make the most of your shopping day.

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 Shopping Tips

Always do your research before you decide to go shopping. Be aware of new trends and what’s the general opinion of these styles. You probably have a fashion inspiration so stick to their styles and try to gather items accordingly. You can look on the internet, fashion magazines, blogs and other platforms for inspiration and ideas. They help you make your own boards where you can save and create your own list of favorites.


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Will it suit your body and complexion? Keep a tab on new launches and sales where you can buy the same goods for a cheaper price. You’ve found the look but is it really that good? Before picking on styles and clothes, remember to think what suits you more than the model or the mannequin. Make a list of all the things you already own to help save spending money on the same things again and again.

Be Smart

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You have a long list, but do you really three jackets? Be smart and remove things that you don’t really need right now. Keeping a budget will help you understand how much you can spend and how to prioritise what you need to the top of the list. Keep in mind new trends and seasons when you buy things since if they are not apt you’ll just waste money leaving them in the corner of your closet. Go for basics and some style pieces that never go out of style, like white shirts, flats, jeans, LBDs and boots.

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shopping planning

Pre-planning your shopping is a must. Shopping days can be pretty hectic so make sure you have a strategic plan to get the most done in the least time you have. Don’t do impulsive buying since that will ruin your budget and make you fall short for other important things you need to buy. You can shop online and get vouchers, coupons and cashback offers. Try out your clothes before you buy them, especially expensive ones. Different stores can have different sales and schemes, research and plan what stores you want to hit first on your list.


shopping guide

An easy way to get a closet makeover is to opt for accessories instead of clothes. They can transform a dull boring look into a style piece in minutes. Earrings, necklaces, shoes, purses and other accessories can help elevate your look in seconds at a cheaper price.

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