Should You Share Your Sexual History With Your Partner?

Honesty, a boon or a bane?

Should You Share Your Sexual History With Your Partner?

We all carry baggage, don’t we? We all have had our share of relationships, fights and ex-partners. Along with all that, comes sexual history. For some, it might be of negligible amount but for some it might be an endless list of hook-ups and make-out sessions. However, how does one reveal his/her period of extensive sexual frenzy from the past to their present partner? Here are a few ways to do so without taking them aback.

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  • Right time and place


If you are willing to reveal all your dirty secrets to your partner and come out clean, it goes without saying that you love him/her more than anything as the thought of keeping them in the dark is killing you. Better to be honest than survive on a guilt trip. When the two of you completely trust one another and have developed a strong bond, it would be the right time to make him/her sit down and open up about your past. It is important that you let the other person know his/her importance in your life and how much you love him/her. It would be great to take your partner to a quiet and serene location and reveal everything.

  • Edit your information


While your partner might be extremely understanding, it would be absurd to give him/her additional and unnecessary details that would make it difficult for them to digest and awkward to deal with. Edit your information in a way that you tell your partner just the right things which need to be spoken out in order to maintain the trust factor between the two of you.

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  • Don’t Lie

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The first rule of aiming towards a substantial relationship is to not lie. Honesty is the best policy. If you lie and get caught, things are going to get a lot more worse than what they would if you told the truth. Instead revealing the truth might strengthen your bond with your partner and make him/her trust you entirely.

  • Hear them out as well


A relationship requires a two-way leap of faith. If your partner embraces you with open arms after knowing your history, it becomes your duty to accept him/her along with the baggage he/she carries. Hear them about and be understanding partners.

Take these measures and rest assured that honesty will indeed turn out to be a boon when it comes to sharing your sexual history with your partner.

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