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Shahrukh Khan And Son AbRam Celebrated Dahi Handi At Mannat

The celebrations of Gokulashtami open the floodgates of the festive season in Mumbai! The whole city keeps buzzing in the celebrations. Following the day humble celebrations of Gokulashtami, which is also known as Krishna Janmashtami, the whole city is buzzing with pomp of loud music and adrenaline with celebrations of Dahi Handi. The ‘Krishna’s or ‘Govinda’s (not our beloved actor Govinda, of course) of every locality are eager to break the handi, and human pyramids have become THE cultural statement of the festivities which are famous not only in the country but also world-wide.

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King Khan with son AbRam and wife Gauri greeting fans at Mannat, Bandra.

While the whole city was celebrating the festival, our King Khan, along with family, celebrated the festival by breaking a dahi handi at Mannat.

Apparently, the youngest of the Khan clan, AbRam attempted to break the handi, but the father took over and did the deed. Going through the images, one can bet that AbRam looked a very cute Krishna.

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On the left: little AbRam trying to break the dahi handi.

Every other year, Shahrukh Khan has been to various other dahi handi celebrations. This year he planned to bring the celebrations home.

SRK’s Zero, a movie on a man having small stature but bigger dreams, is to release on 21 December 2018 and we can’t wait for it!

ShahRukh Khan and Salman Khan in a still from the teaser of SRK’s upcoming movie Zero.

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