Shah Rukh Khan Becomes A Dwarf In Upcoming Film Titled ‘Zero’

Shah Rukh Khan Becomes A Dwarf In Upcoming Film Titled ‘Zero’

SRK’s highly anticipated film is finally titled Zero, which is directed by Aanand L Rai. The announcement was made by SRK and team Zero on January 1st, 2018. He plays a dwarf, which has been heavily modified with VFX.

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“You can touch infinity even when you are zero, like Khan saab‘s (Shah Rukh Khan) character. December is a month when we celebrate life and what better time for a boy who celebrates that he is physically incomplete and in his incompleteness completes others as he travels from Meerut to New York. There is a beauty in incompleteness we are celebrating,” said Mr. Rai.

Shah Rukh Khan’s career spans over 25 years and he has been known for playing versatile roles but has never had the opportunity to play a dwarf. When asked why he chose SRK as the lead role, Mr. Rai said, “I needed a big star and even if you cut two feet away from Khan saab, he’d still stand tall. Also, this story has a wide reach and he will take it to the world.”

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Check out the title announcement trailer below!

The hashtag #ZeroTheMovie has been trending on the social networking sites. This is a first for SRK in many ways- he is playing a dwarf unlike any other and is working with director Aanand L Rai for the first time.
“They (fans) are carrying an image in their mind and it is not exactly what we have in the film. When we were working on it we did not know it will look this way. I want to replace that image with the right image. The film’s USP is Shah Rukh’s performance,” said Mr. Rai.
We can’t wait to see this film!


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