Sexoscope: The Ultimate Sex Horoscope For Every Zodiac

What does your sexoscope say about you?

Sex positions most favored by your partner should be of your utmost concern. Passionate and debonair positions that will draw you closer to each other and by the end of the day he will be mesmerized by your art of seduction. We have prudently listed sex positions your partner will drool over.

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Points of arousal: Conquest it is. Aries is all in for a challenging ride, with all the obstacles and harshness. Sex to Aries is raw and rough and is also the one to take the lead to accomplish the act and not to create an eternal bond.

Sex positions:  Oh yes, Aries all-time favorite position is up against the wall. Plunge onto his arms and make him in charge of the ride. Hand him over the reign of this sexual experience and make the best of it.

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Points of arousal: To kick start may seem like an ordeal for Taureans but once they indulge in hardcore sex, there is no looking back. It is all about satisfying both the sides of the thread with perseverance. It is a tedious process to turn them on but once you achieve in doing so, it is worth the wait.

Sex positions: They love being overtaken. Cow-girl is the quintessential position that will not only arouse them but will lead to a never ending quest to satisfy both the ends.




Points of arousal: Jovial Gemini looks forward to a fun and remarkable time.  A big fan of foreplay and is always keen on prolonging it. They are sensual partners and the building sexual tension is more than enough for them to have wobbly knees.

Sex position: While your legs are up in the air, your partner is kneeling in front of you ready to dive in. This position is an amalgamation of both naughty and playful.  Light and cheeky positions will help him reach the peak of gratification.



Points of arousal: Cancer is all about devotion and love. Sex is an act of expressing your love for each other. Cancer tends to take command in order to fulfill the duty of this fervent act.

Sex position: Sensual spooning is their go-to sex position. A moment to sweep in the numerous bubbles of emotions emanated from each other. Their bodies remain in touch while they go at it, making the experience all the more sensual.

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Points of arousal: As long as Leo is the center of attention all is well. Leo gives in quick and has a healthy sexual appetite. Leo believes in the fulfillment of his/her desire and the process of satisfying them will be a journey of contentment for you too.

Sex positions: Wrap yourself around him and treat him like your king. A gift wrap is the position that will drive him crazy. Face to face and direct contact with each other will make him feel secure and loved.



Points of arousal: This perfectionist is thrilled to begin her experiment in the laboratory. Yes, he thrives for the right position to attain satisfaction for both his partner and himself. Nothing can go wrong under his surveillance as emotions are secondary and the game of seduction is primary.

Sex positions: Lap dance position. You can transit from the foreplay to sexual intercourse and your partner will be happy as ever. Take him by surprise and do little bit of dance and in no time you will find yourself hit the home  run.

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Points of arousal: Oneness is their motto. Two individuals involve in a sacred act such as an intercourse to merge into one. Lust and anything along the lines of it are at the peripheral

Sex positions: The ideal one is the crab position. You sit face to face with your legs over his. Connected and involved in each other’s presence and persuading attention and strong sexual desire will lead to being one.




Points of arousal: Scorpios believe in exploration of the depths of sexual interaction. It is an emotional awakening for them, zilch lust. They are all in for a naughty ride but that does not mean that they haven’t mingled their emotions with it.

Sex positions: Missionary position is one of their favorites. This position is regarded as vanilla but its intense and pleasurable nature surpasses the term.



Points of arousal: Sagittarius the breaker of chains is not held down or shackled by anything or anyone. They are quite the seducer and cannot be resisted because of their grandeur and approach to sexual intercourse. Freedom is their prerequisite in any sort of bond or relationship. Hence, they are keen on achieving liberation through this lustful experience.

Sex position: Raised doggy position is quirky enough for them. They are not very easy to entice. To lure his attention get involved in something that leans towards out of the box and unconventional. This position will make them the lead and guide of a breathless tour.



Points of arousal: Strategy and execution is how a Capricorn plans it. No, not experimental but more like a rulebook but with varieties. One comfortable position along with improvisation is a clincher.

Sex position: Against the wall sex can be altered by either facing each other or you facing away from him. This position will turn him on and will result in a pleasurable quickie or perhaps a couple.



Points of arousal: Getting to know your partner through intimacy. Aquarius believes in two souls embracing each other while they reveal themselves, naked.

Sex position: Sideways saddle position will take both the individuals for a ride to enlightenment. The mysterious experience revolves around connecting physically, emotionally and spiritually.



Points of arousal: Very caring and considerate in nature. He is always thriving to satisfy his partner. It does not expect the favor in return as Pisces doubts its capabilities in providing adequate pleasure.

Sex positions: Reverse cow-girl is apt for this particular sign. Your partner will quench your thirst while you return the favor back by making him reach cloud 9.

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