Sex Personality Of Scorpio Women

Sex Personality Of Scorpio Women

Scorpions are fierce and loving at the same time. If you are a Scorpio woman you have several layers to your personality. When you love, you love wholeheartedly. Same applies to making love! Find out your sex personality based on your sign.

Sex Traits

Scorpio woman is one of the naughtiest one and is said to be one of the zodiacs with a very high libido. They can think, eat and sleep sex whenever and wherever. They even love to experiment and explore the depths of sexual interactions. They may have had multiple sex partners, but that does not mean that they have kept emotions completely aside.

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Sex Positions

Passion and high libido makes missionary pose as one of the most preferred sex position for Scorpio woman. They want passion, carnal heat and intensity flow through each other by looking in each other’s eyes and enjoying the act. Missionary sex position may sound boring or lame, but Scorpios know exactly how to spice it up.

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Sex Partner

Scorpios can outdo bunnies when it comes to a number of times they have sex! A Scorpio woman simply loves when her partner is like her – the one who is up for the act whenever and wherever. For her, an ideal sex partner would be someone who takes in her craziness, be the perfect partner-in-shenanigans and someone who she can take pride in.

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