Is Sex Painful For You? Here’s Why!

Is Sex Painful For You? Here’s Why!

There can be many reasons for pain while having sex and they aren’t always related to BDSM. From sexual diseases to dry spells, experiencing pain while having sex can dampen the mood and kill your relationship pretty fast. Here are some common and not so common reasons why you don’t feel all that good while having sex with your lover.

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  • Less Lubrication


Clearly, if there isn’t enough lubrication, you will experience pain while having sex with your partner. Foreplay is necessary to lubricate you and your partner to smoothen things out. You can always use additional lubes depending on your preferences and tastes.

  • Allergic to condoms


You could either be allergic to the latex or rubber used in condoms. Even sex toys if you use them in your bedroom, could be causing your stabbing pain which can be confused with pleasurable pain even when it’s not. The rubber or latex could be messing with your vaginal pH balance and make it irritated and painful.

  • Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs after a bikini wax can leave with irritating pimples and burns. On friction, while having sex they tend to burn even more and distract you from the task at hand.

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  • Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual Dysfunctions

Serious issues like vaginismus or the crunching of pelvic floor muscles are quite common. Penetration can be very painful and lead to tears. Extreme stabbing pains while having sex can also be because of extra sensitive nerves around your genitals. Sexual dysfunctions are usually because of psychological trauma or underlying mental health issues of abuse and body negativity.

  • STD/ STI / UTI

urinary tract infections

Any sexual diseases will make you feel worse in the genital areas. Yeast infections, urinary tract infections (UTI) and STD’s need regular checkups. Fibroids and other uterus inflammation issues can also cause you discomfort. Vaginal infections are treated with medications but it’s better to get checked every six months to keep your body healthy.


  • Dry Spells

Sex Pain

If you haven’ had sex in a while, it’s bound to hurt. All that stretching can be painful but once you get used to the initial pain it should lead to pleasure. If the pain continues even after you’ve been active, show yourself to a gynecologist. It could be something more than a normal pain. Getting your vagina used to penetrative sex will help you bear the pain but only till a limit.

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