Sex Moves He Just Won’t Be Expecting!

Why go for the plain old vanilla sex when you can spice things up in the bedroom? Foreplay and sex moves that are bound to liven your sex life all with the help of simple props and tricks. Use them in private (or public if that’s your thing) and enjoy the amazing end results in your bedroom with your lover.

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Gift Cards


Give him gift cards to lingerie stores that give him the power to buy them for you. This seems like the perfect combination where you get new sexy lingerie and he gets to enjoy them after the shopping spree! Power play in the most subtle way, letting someone buy you something and then take it off later.

Flash Him


Oops! Accidentally, (on purpose) flashing him your assets in a private or public setting can be quite a tease. Wearing a risky outfit or popping a button out of nowhere can be very enticing when done right. But don’t flash him in the wrong places like while driving or in front of obvious company, to avoid an accident with your sexiness.

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Use Mirrors


Mirrors are an effective way to double the pleasure with just one prop. Either on the ceiling or on the wall where he can see just what he does to you and how good the sex is. Mirrors create the sense of exhibition and tempt you to show off just a bit more for the sake of your lover. It increases your confidence, adds to the intimacy and helps you both enjoy the sex tad more than usual.

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How To Make Your First Night Sexy