How To Sex It Up With A Long Distance Lover

How To Sex It Up With A Long Distance Lover

Many times, distance tends to make people fall out of love. This happens because of a lack of communication and physical intimacy. The spark in a relationship dies off when the couple loses their excitement to listen to one another and their sex life takes a U-turn.  Thankfully, there are 5 simple tricks to maintain the spice in a long distance relationship and have your partner hooked onto you even miles away.

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  • Strip poker on video chat

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Get away with the boring day-to-day skype chat which involves asking him about his day. Spice things up by challenging him for a game of strip poker over chat. Dress sexy, let the camera reveal a little bit of your cleavage. Strip down beautifully only to make him crave you more and let him know what he is missing. This would drive your man crazy and draw him closer, further causing him to die to be by your side.

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  • Share something sexy over chat

Long Distance Lover

If you happen to stumble upon an extremely arousing post or come across something sexy that you wish to experiment with your guy, instantly send it across to him. This would express your desire and reflect your want for him. Don’t be afraid to show him how much you need him and miss him. It’s going to do nothing but make him feel special and return to you as soon as possible.

  • Sext your man every now and then


While he may bump into an umpteen number of pretty girls, your man should not be able to cheat or stray from you. Two people in a relationship are often drawn away from each other due to career goals and are prone to losing their emotional connect which is followed by loss of sexual interest. Take measures before your relationship starts fading away into nothing. It goes without saying that cute gestures such as gifts count but a human being has certain needs which demand to be satisfied. Sext your partner, talk dirty and exchange private pictures so that he doesn’t feel the need to stray from you and hook-up with other women. Let him moan at merely the thought or idea of you doing stuff to him. Type out raw desires and express your sultry side.

  • Send him gifts


It is a myth that men do not feel the need to receive presents. The degree of want may differ from that of women but they definitely love getting presents. Post your darling a tie in his favourite colour or a simple diary along that would help him sketch his schedule. Now what plays an essential role in the game of gifting is a love-letter that you should write to him and attach it to the gift. He would love and appreciate this gesture.

  • Set a date night that involves role-play


The mere thought of meeting your man after a long time may send tickles down your body. However, want to make the date more interesting? Dress up as your favourite characters and pretend to be strangers. Have a few drinks. This is not only going to get your hormones rising but also create a strong foreplay to achieving an exciting session of sex.

Go ahead and pamper your man while he is sitting miles away thinking about you. Let him know that you are missing him as much as he is missing you! This will help you maintain a healthy long distance relationship and make sailing through the phase of being apart more easier and bearable.

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