Sex Fetish: 3 Reasons Why You Should Try Spanking Out

Sex Fetish: 3 Reasons Why You Should Try Spanking Out

Some like it, while some hate it! But you’ll never know what it feels like unless you’ve tried it. Trust on these words–everyone loves to spank and getting spanked! This is the epitome of the concept of ‘pleasure in pain’. But is spanking really your fetish? Here are some reasons why you should try out spanking with your partner.

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Pleasure Point

Pleasure Point For Woman

There are plenty of nerve endings in your tush area. Pain causes the central nervous system to release endorphins aka hormones to make you feel happy instead of the pain. Quite ironic! Hitting these will activate pleasure points that you were formerly unaware of. A good few slaps actually rush the blood to your lower half of the body thus making it look more flushed and appealing. It makes everything tender and sore, perfect for the love-making session. Just like foreplay, spanking helps create a sexual tension and mood that will end up in a fun time for both of you involved.

Power Play

Sex Fetish

Spanking actually stems from the need to control your partner or lover. Unconsciously, we all like being spanked since its a sign of disciplinarian act that is bound to turn sexual with just the right touch. It involves a lot of trust and power play on both sides. Spanking clearly requires consent from your partner so either ask them if or try a little light tapping and see if they’re into it. If they are – good for you, and if they’re not then you could always find new ways to make things interesting.

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Spice it Up

missionary sex

Spicing things up in the bedroom is a good way to keep your sex life alive. It isn’t’ exactly full level BDSM but it does involve domination of some levels. With the help of props, sex toys, pillows, blindfolds, and other gadgets, you can use your hands for bringing pleasure to your lover. Spanking in the bedroom heightens your level of anticipation and pleasure. Getting your butt cheeks spanked and caressed randomly, expected or unexpectedly during sex will bring out moans of pleasure and pain in just the right amount. It’s always a good idea to keep things upbeat and exciting in the bedroom so as to not lose interest in plain old missionary sex.

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