Set To Tie The Knot? 3 Women Reveal What Their First Night Was Like

You and your husband reach the swankiest hotel room after an exceedingly exhausting wedding day. The goal is to make love like never before on a bed strewn with rose petals. But that is not how things always unfold. Priya Chaphekar explores the myths and realities surrounding the big night.

Set To Tie The Knot? 3 Women Reveal What Their First Night Was Like


Not as picture perfect

The reality today belies the traditional script. The newly-wed couple are unbelievably exhausted by long drawn-out ceremonies. Couples in arrange marriage may not even have much intimacy to build upon.

In rural areas, lack of information, child marriages and social norms pose further challenges.

Make it memorable

Couples today do not stick to one routine. PR consultant Pooja Nayak says, “We had a nice hot shower together, and spent the night dancing, making out and finally falling asleep in each other’s arms. I didn’t want to ruin it having crappy sex,” she laughs.

Corporate banker Reena Mathew says, “We saved the sex for honeymoon, and spent the night drinking wine while opening presents and listening to music. That was a real icebreaker!”

IT professional Nivedita Bose says, “In my case, my husband was so bone-tired, he crashed by the time he took a hundred bobby pins off my hair.”

Myths debunked

The most common myth surrounding the wedding night is the rocking sex. Now, let’s get real. Of course, you aren’t going to score a perfect 10 in bed after the tiring and long drawn-out ceremonies.

Didn’t bleed? Don’t worry as there are many reasons why that could’ve happened: physical activities being the most common.

You may or may not have an orgasm. A woman’s body needs to relax and warm up more than a man’s to hit the high spot, so don’t be disappointed.

Dos and don’ts

  • Have sex only when you and your partner are excited about it
  • Arrange a pre-marital session with a relationship expert to know what to expect
  • Consult a gynaecologist about contraceptive methods
  • Go with the flow. Your partner isn’t judging you
  • Do not, at any cost, fake an orgasm
  • If you’re uncomfortable, speak up


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