Sensational Bollywood Pictures That Created Controversies

Sensational Bollywood Pictures That Created Controversies


Bollywood heroines juggle a lot of pretty wild things in their life. From gossips to public revelations they find themselves in a soup when things go to the dark side and they create unwanted buzz.

Mentioned below are some hottest pictures that landed bolywood actresses in controversies.

Esha Gupta

She might not be so popular in the cinema world but she got plenty of attention for her photo stunt in her Instagram profile in 2017. Her sensual pictures where she was seen in attractive lingerie and sexy poses got everyone crazy.

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Nargis Fakhri

The actress constantly finds herself in controversies. This magazine picture is sure one of the main ones she landed and was stuck in for a long time.

Priyanka Chopra

The actress is known to be quite bold and beautiful about her options on sensitive topics. But she couldn’t escape the backlash she received for a magazine photo shoot for wearing a T-shirt that was insensitive to refugees and immigrants.


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Kangana Ranaut

Controversies and false allegation is handled like a boss by our daring Kangana Ranaut. She fought fearlessly when she was once put in a bad light for posing topless for the cover of a magazine.


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