How To Select The Right Painting For Your Room

Paintings can make you relax and feel at ease with their serene colours and some even come with wonderful stories. A wall painting can drastically change the feel and vibe of the room, so you'll need to be very careful while choosing one! Here are some helpful tips that will help you choose the right painting for your room.

How To Select The Right Painting For Your Room


Although paintings have no practical purposes, they are visually appealing and spice up your walls. A good painting will positively impact the atmosphere of the room and also make good conversation starters! Here are some tips you should keep in mind before buying a painting.



  • It should complement the decor in your room. If you’re starting to furnish your room from scratch, you should get the painting first and decorate around it. Paintings could serve as a source of inspiration; the most prominent colour, texture, and shape in the painting being the focus points in furnishing the rest of the room. Cushions, rugs, vases, lamps etc. could help in the continuity and flow of the painting.
  • However, if you’re planning on having an all-white room, a colorful painting in the center will give life to the room and attention will be brought to its vibrancy.
  • Paintings with horizontal lines are more calming and relaxing, such as beaches, the sky, and marine art. These paintings are typically used in bedrooms and bathrooms. But vertical lines such as skyscrapers and buildings could be used in offices and workspaces as sources of motivation.

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  • A still life painting will put your mind at ease more than a painting that depicts movement. Opt for still life paintings in bedrooms and bathrooms as they’re rooms where you prefer to not keep your mind too busy with details.
  • You should think about the theme and style of your room before selecting your painting or buy one that matches the current aura of your room. Traditional homes look great with painting of landscapes and B&W photography while contemporary spaces would look great with abstract art and surrealism.
  • If your current room is “themeless”, you could always start afresh! You could start by getting a painting that goes with your current wall colour and keep future purchases for your room within the same colour scheme.


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