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“The Secret Of My Beauty Is…” – Hema Malini

We are all on an unrequited quest and most often you are unaware of what exactly you are seeking. I believe that finding your true self is the greatest victory you can experience. You need to win over yourself to be able to win over others until then you will never really understand the meaning of your own existence. Self-consciousness fills you with positivity which eventually reflects on the outside. If the negativity is expelled, your mind becomes a conducive environment for growth and prosperity. This inner cleansing manifests itself as a healthy glow on your face. You become an attractive and confident individual. To tell the truth, more than looking beautiful, it is important to feel beautiful. It is the inner positive energy itself that makes you truly healthy, satisfied and poised.

Many people assume that celebrities do not need to put extra efforts in maintaining their beauty. But the fact is that we work hard to sustain it—strict discipline is the key. It is not rocket science, with motivation and perseverance anybody can be equally fit and healthy. I have been admiringly called as ‘Dream Girl’ which encourages me to stay persuaded. Even today, I am posed with several questions regarding beauty and fitness. The truth is there is no secret, all you need is to adapt a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet, and positive thinking—it is that simple. Sure, nightlife can be exciting for the youth but anything in excess is pure evil. For temporary pleasures, you are giving away years of good health and prettiness. Sleeping late, drinking and smoking excessively and gluttony can cause much more damage to your body than you fathom. Apart from causing severe illnesses, these indulgences can steal your beauty and youth from you.

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And what is all this worth if you don’t love yourself enough? If you want to look good for someone else, you will never be able to live up to your goals. Do it because it is your body, mind and soul, not anybody else’s. I never compromise on my health and religiously follow a set routine. Rising early in the morning, I practice yoga and meditation – it not only infuses my life with peace but also revitalises my energy. Feeling rejuvenated and power-packed, I am then able to distribute my focus in the right directions. I regularly do yoga and dance, that is why my body is fit and skin beautiful.

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Though important, hard work alone cannot be sufficient. What is extremely essential is to understand what your skin actually needs. With complete sleep, healthy food, daily workout, you can look healthy and beautiful at any age. It often happens that due to my hectic schedule, I lose out on sleep and fail to eat healthy. This is when meditation and yoga come to my rescue. Some young women feel makeup can completely fix their skin. To some extent yes, but over the long run, do you think wearing heavy makeup every day is clever? As long as you are not healthy from within, no products will work for you. It is for this sole reason, I strongly recommend yoga and meditation, followed by a healthy diet. Drink water, eat healthy and give your body a chance to flush out the toxins.

God has given us such a beautiful life, but we do not understand its significance and chase temporary temptations. Actually, our body is a system in itself and it is through the body that we can reach the depths of our soul. Therefore, it is important to watch what you consume. Like anything else, our bodies also need maintenance. Lastly, be confident because no matter how physically attractive you are, with a little bit of poise, your beauty isn’t justified. The question is where will you get that buoyancy from? The answer is the same, that is, from within! The inner energy, the positivity gives you the confidence you need. And what I call as the cosmetics of the mind—yoga and meditation—will help you!

On that note, be happy yet disciplined and stay positive and the world will admire your beauty and confidence!

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