Say Goodbye To Body Odour

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Say Goodbye To Body Odour

Sweat is naturally odourless but bacteria treat it as a breeding area which then continues to multiply and feeds on it, allowing it to thrive. Thus, the interaction between these microorganisms on your body and the secreted lipids result in various odours varying from person to person. It is a normal experience that you go through and to control the stench is surely a task.

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  • Anti-perspirant
Body Odour
Woman Applying Deodorant

All antiperspirants have an aluminum-based compound as their main ingredient. These ions are sucked into the cells and water passes in with them. As water passes in, the ducts tend to swell up and later results in blocking the sweat from getting out. Some of them even come with deodorants and obstruct the odor that is created. It is always preferred to apply it at night instead of morning because it has enough time in order to complete the action.


  • Working out clothes

 Working out clothes

Working out can release oodles of perspiration but to repeat the same clothes and to be in the sweaty, damp attire can give out strong odour. It is essential to get your workout clothes dry and clean when you use it.  Sweaty gym clothes are the number one breeding spots for bacteria.

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  • Shower daily


After a long dreary day, you must take efforts to take a bath.  The environment outside your habitat has showered you with enough bacteria and hence a healthy lifestyle will get rid of unwanted body odour. After a humid and sticky night, hop in the shower and take a bath to remain fresh and clean for the rest of the day. Choose an anti-bacterial soap or shower gel to exaggerate the effects. After the shower grab a towel and dry yourself thoroughly to avoid the incoming of new bacteria into their loving, welcoming and moist environment.

  • Shave your armpits

 Shave your armpits

A warm and cozy place like your armpits will aggravate the stench. Remind yourself to shave it regularly to reduce the effect. The phrase ‘The more the merrier’ does not count in this case.

  • Alteration in the Ph of the skin


Use a washcloth to absorb white vinegar and wipe it on your armpits. This will result in the change of the ph value of the underarms. This will lead to an unsuitable condition for bacteria to multiply and it is directly proportional to descending odour.

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