5 Rules To Follow To Mix Prints Like A Pro

Get ready to give your wardrobe a bold update!

5 Rules To Follow To Mix Prints Like A Pro


There are some trends that even the fashion biggies have trouble mastering. When it comes to trends such as color blocking and fusions, the line between looking stylish and looking like a fashion catastrophe is very thin. Today we are going to discuss the mother of all daunting fashion trends, something even the most style adept girls tend to maneuver away from — mixing prints! Yep, that’s right we are going to break down the print-on-print look. Perfecting that exuberant look is not as hard as it looks — all you need is a few guidelines and the right attitude. Following these guidelines, you will be mixing prints like a pro in no time! Get ready to pile on the prints the right way giving your wardrobe a bold makeover with these five strategies.

  • Rule 1: Match colors, not prints


If you are mixing two prints, ensure the color of your ensemble complements each other. More often than not, if the colors harmonize the prints will automatically look pretty together. Use colors from the same color palette, this will smoothen your look out. That being said, if you are still skeptical, the simplest way to mixing prints is to substitute your solid colored tops with monochromatic patterns. You can never go wrong with wearing two prints if one of them is monochromatic.

  • Rule 2: Choose one print to dominate your outfit


The biggest fear people have while mixing two prints is that the final look is too cramped up, nothing cramped is ever fun. To avoid this, when mixing two or more prints, pick one of them to dominate over the outfit and other should be smaller prints. This will dodge the overwhelmed clashing of two bold prints but at the same time give you the audacious look you set out for.

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  • Rule 3: Use solids to break up the prints


This is another extremely fun and stylish way to get the print on print look just right.  If you feel that too much print is hurting your eye that is fine. The perfect solution for that is to layer your outfit with some solid colors and accessories to smoothen things out. You could use solid colored belts or a solid colored top with some printed pants and jacket. Get set for an eye-catching attire!

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  • Rule 4: If you want to use the same pattern, invert the colors or play with the size

Untitled collage (1)

This looks extremely classy. If you are wearing the same pattern of prints ensure you invert the colors. For example, pair black stripes on a white background with white stripes on a dark background. Another thing you can do with two same prints is playing with their size. For example, choose a top with bold stripes and pants or a skirt with smaller stripes. This will give you the ideal mixed print look without the two same prints clashing.

  • Treat stripes and leopard print as neutrals


Stripes are something you’ll find in every girl’s wardrobe. They are the easiest to pair as they synchronize with just about anything, be it a solid color or another print. It may not seem that way, but leopard prints are also a go-to print. Leopard prints look amazing with anything; they go with all the prints without making the outfit fall apart. When in doubt, stripes and leopard prints are your only salvage. When adding a third pattern to your outfit always start out small by sticking to stripes or a leopard print accessory.

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