How Romantic Are November Borns?

Charming and enigmatic, scorpions can be mysterious yet passionate lovers!

People born from the 1st of the November to the 21st are Scorpions while the latter born anywhere till the 30th of the month are Sagittarians. Hence, the romantic traits of November borns may vary according to their zodiac signs. Nonetheless, there are 5 common characteristics between both these signs when it comes to romance and relationships. Let’s have a look at them.

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  • Loyal


November borns are naturally blessed with good looks and can be quite the charmers. It goes without saying that they tend to get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. However, once committed, these individuals will not focus on anybody but you.

  • Enigmatic and secretive


You may notice that your partner does not tell you everything about his/her life. There is no need to fret over minute matters. Not all secrets are dirty and you need not know everything that’s going on in your partner’s life. Yes, you can always ask them if something is bothering them but if they refuse to open up, leave it at that. They will tell you if and when they need to.

  • Protective

They are known to be extremely protective of their loved ones and would lay down their lives for them. They make you feel protected and safe around them. Individuals born in November will prioritize their partner’s safety before theirs.

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  • Jealous

Nobody is perfect. November born individuals too have their drawbacks. They can get extremely possessive of their partners which may cause trouble in a relationship. They are short-tempered and are inclined towards being dramatic at times. However, jealousy is not constant and comes in spasmodic intervals. Moreover, these individuals are gullible, faith comes easy to them and they’ll believe their partners when they assure them that they are the only ones they love.

  • Passionate Lovers

These individuals are very romantic. Valentine’s day cards, gifts and undying passion, you’ll get it all if you’re dating a person born in November. What’s more? They are really good in bed.

Good – looking, kind and lovable, these individuals are absolute gems. Consider yourself lucky if you have one in your life!

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