Romantic Gift Ideas For New Couples

Romantic Gift Ideas For New Couples

Have you just started dating and are looking out for gifting ideas for your loved ones? Buying gifts can be tricky especially when it comes to looking for gifts for your boyfriend? With the New Year season right here, give the best and most thoughtful gifts and goodies to your lover. Here are some gifting options that you can give your partner for this party season without having to spend a lot!

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Gift Ideas For Couples

Gifting books to anyone is the best thing ever! They could be on a genre or topic they like or something new that they can find out about. Books are a great way to start conversations and can help you understand them more. Gifting books is a sign that you thought of them when you picked or saw this book. That thought itself will make the gift even more precious in your relationship. It would even be more romantic if you read it to him or he read it out for you while lazily lounging in bed. Poems, fiction or just a general book on a topic he loves will make a perfect gift.

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Mix Tapes

Gift Ideas For New Couples

Mixtapes might seem out of fashion but they actually aren’t. Nowadays people tend to send songs directly instead of burning a CD. Creating a specially curated playlist of songs/singers that you both like or that remind you of him and your relationship will make this gift unique. It shows time, effort and love in making the mixtape. It’s cute and very thoughtful. You can opt for a travel-sized tape player along with this cassette so that he can listen to it and remember you.


Gift Ideas For GF/BF

Go green and gift a plant to your boyfriend. You’ll not only be protecting the environment but also helping and motivating him to do the same. Bonsai, small household plants or even kitchen herbs can be amazing gifts this season. You can have personalised messages or a customised vase with the plant to make it even more personal.

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