How Romantic Are August Borns?

August borns are known to be absolute attention seekers!


Romance-a-holics by nature, August borns love being in love and want the whole world to know when they are. They love roses, poetry, expensive gifts…you’ll take it all. Spoiling and being spoiled is the name of the game.

The warmth, generosity, and love you offer are addictive to the people around you.

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You are supremely ardent, affectionate, loving and amorous. You love pampering your loved ones with open displays of affection and giving them a royal treatment. But, you also expect ample doses of praises and thank-you’s in return. You possess all the qualities of a great life partner and are extremely supportive, strong and benevolent. You prefer being in the driving seat in a relationship, and your pride, though overt and bountiful, is still very fragile.

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August borns make doting, proud partners, but in return from your partners you crave unfailing loyalty, strength of character, love bordering on to reverence, silent submission to their often raging temper and dominance.

Relationship wise, both single and committed August borns will find out what they are really wanting and looking for in their love lives. It might not be exactly what you have right now, but it’s a great learning tool for you.

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